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Thread: Sore nipples

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    Default Sore nipples

    I am 35yo. have been working out consistently with healthy diet for at least 5 yrs. dont smoke, drink rarely, sleep lots, eat lots and healthy. 6', 32w, 185lbs, 42ch.

    I read that for guys that are on steroids, some soreness in nipples may happen. I did a Winstrol cycle about 3 years ago. last year, I did few cycles of Tren-Bomb an generally was feeling great. I stopped the tren-bomb and changed it for Bulagriana Tribulus Terrestris as I wanted just a natural booster for testosteron and eventhough there doesnt seem to be clear evidence that Tribulus Terrestris actually increases testosteron I thought that it wouldnt hurt trying it as all the eastern European athletes used to take it and we all know how strong, muscled and well defined they are.

    Specially in the last month I have been having nipple soreness. Would this be related to the Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris? I bought it from Holland & Barrett so I assume that is real/safe stuff.

    Any advice? Should I be taking any other herbal supplement to counter act the soreness in nipples from the Bulgarian tribulus terrestris ?

    Your advice is highly appreciated

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    Default Re: Sore nipples

    dont pull them so hard lol sorted

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    Default Re: Sore nipples

    Anything you buy from Holland & Barrat is highly unlikely to cause gynocomastia, the cause of sore nipples/male breast tissue development.

    You'll be lucky to get any results at all from it. 40% off RRP of all supplements for MC members by using voucher code"chat20"

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    Default Re: Sore nipples

    The arseh0les have been let out again!!!
    "nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion"

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