Hi guys im new on hear so hope i put this message in the right place.

I have had an injury to my left pectoral for a couple of years now and it's driving me nuts ive seen a couple of Osteopaths about it and have been told it's a shortening of the pectoralis major. If i do anything to strenouse it seems to flair up and can take just over a week to go down. It does however appear constantly swollen even when it doesnt flair up just not as bad.
Ive managed a few times to improve it but lifting dumbells does seem to annoy it.
Has anyone had an injury like this and did you manage to fix it somehow.
Ive had to resort to mainly body exercises like pullups, pressups, dips and been using restriction bands to try and stretch the muscle back.

It's not painful used to get numbness around lower peck and a pinching sensation but that seems to have gone almost a year ago now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as it's driving me nuts, I can't exercise without thinking going to make it worse.